S-Lang modules

Modules for the S-Lang language.


This module may be used to perform low level ioctl system calls on UNIX.


A module for serial port access.
You will need ioctl module, S-Lang version >= 2.0.7 and a patch for termios module.


A module to talk to FTDI USB chips using libftdi.
Warning : There is a bug which make you sometimes have to call ftdi_write_data () function twice for the value to be effectively written on the output port. It appears with some kernel / libusb pairs. At least kernel / libusb 0.1.12 is concerned. Kernel / libusb-0.1.12 seems not to be concerned. I don't know if it is relative to libftdi. libftdi author will investigate when time permits.
Warning : Don't try programming the EEPROM for FT232R device (and probably FT245R, not tested), it will be garbaged. EEPROM structure of these new chips is kept secret by FTDI. You can re-program a garbaged EEPROM with MProg from FTDI (Windows only).


Bindings for GtkDatabox, a Gtk widget for data plotting large amounts of data.


Bindings for XOSD, a library for displaying text on the root window of a X server.


Bindings for libao, a cross platform audio library.


This is an update for Christopher Stawarz's SLglade module that provides S-Lang bindings for the libglade library.


A module for inotify, a file change notification system.


A module for reading EXIF data from image files using libexif.

Old versions can be found here.

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